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LED Panel Light from SONICA

Sonica led panels provides with a consistent and reliable performance that replaces traditional fluorescent fittings with lower payback periods. In light of this, we now provide a range of products using the most recent chip innovation while holding the styling and feel that the market requests. The entire Sonica range guarantee to keeps up its especially thin and light weight structure, yet remains reliable in giving greatest quality and toughness. We have been refined consistently, providing stunningly thin, exquisite LED Panels..

Our retro-fit LED Panel is a quick and simple approach to appreciate huge energy savings. You advantage from exceptionally convincing motivations to switch with a payback of around 1-2 years or less and with less support and energy costs. Our most recent outline is decreased in size, while keeping up its amazing light conveyance and execution qualities. Majority of our panels are available in different shading of light temperatures; Warm 3000k, Natural 4000k and the bright White 6400k. With energy costs may go up in the long haul, now is a decent time to make the change. Dont forget to view our range of recessed ceiling products, 600x600 and 1200x600 led panel lights also available in round, circular LED Panels. We now stock surface mount LED Light panels


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With fast deliver service, 30 day return guarantee and up to 5 years’ warranty, you’re buying quality when you buy SONICA LED PANELS. If you have any questions about our Panels, then please don’t hesitate to get in contact. As a market leader in LED Panels with 100,000 sold in 2016, we are more than happy to help