LED Strip Lights

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LED Strip Lights from SONICA

Market leading, Sonica, was one of the first establishment to provide LED light strips with a consistent and reliable performance that replaces traditionals halogen or neon light. In the course of recent years, there are now expanded desires of the market to give more prominent affordable LED Light Strip kit products but most importantly making it reliable. However, we now provide a range of products using the most recent chip innovation while holding the styling and feel that the market requests. The entire Sonica LED light strip range guarantee to keeps up its especially structure, yet remains reliable and great quality.

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With fast next deliver service, 30 day return guarantee and up to 5 years’ warranty, you’re buying quality when you buy LED STRIP LIGHT. If you have any questions about lighting, then please don’t hesitate to get in contact, we are more than happy to help

How to Install a LED Strip Light Kit