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The UK largest LED Tube wholesaler, we stock high quality LED tubes with frosted cover design in the customary direct fluorescent replacement, the LED tubes have same measurements with the ordinary CFL tube. The new LED light offers three shades of colours while the blend of the inside smart power supply and the most recent LED innovation brings about up to 70% energy saving. Like all LED tubes, the LED T8 has an built in LED driver. The to a great degree long life expectancy of our LED tubes up to more than 50,000 hours, making the old fluorescent seem old-fashion. Long life span is due to a limited extent because of cutting edge cooling innovation that channels warm far from the LEDs. The pivoting end tops can be bolted into various positions, and as the LED tubes are directional rather than fluorescent tubes, light will be coordinated precisely where it is needed.

For some time our LED tubes (T8 and T5) have been a outstanding popular seller amongst the most suitable fixtures within the UK Electrical and LED lighting Wholesale Market. With our notoriety for supplying reliable and driving items to the market, we realised that our LED tubes would need to unmistakably give substantial advantages to Contractors, and surpass their desires in the way that they have come to know us for.

With discussions with our clients we recognised two clear viewpoints that could be developed with the coming era of LED tubes. Firstly was to decrease time of assembling, and secondly to enhance the lumen output over these more extended fittings. Now our contemporary LED batten fitting have a tendency to be more stylish than their fluorescent fitting, and are presently being utilized as a part of significantly more noticeable applications, for example, retail. Further more, our LED T8 tubes are producing more lumen compared to the past and other competitors.

Our essential objective when offering another item for sale to the public is to accomplish the most quality standard at a reasonable value that makes the most recent LED innovation available to the mass market. Guaranteed by our suppliers providing up to five year warranty agreement, we are sure that our new T8 LED tubes and LED batten fittings secure high level of satisfaction. We have merged the range to guarantee that the determination for the Contractor is more acquainted with past fluorescent partners.

The distinction in LED quality over fluorescent has now developed to concentrate on energy saving, as well as the condition of light and high level of dependability to the end client. From our in depth research and testing we have been able to find merchandise with increased advantages to provide quality light and resolve key issues that buyers confronted when replacing or installing traditional fittings.

In addition, Sonica has found a new contemporary built in LED light which can be an optional choice rather than the the T8 led tubes and batten fitting. Planned as an adaptable luminaire, the range of PRISMATIC LED fitting can be a substitution to the traditional fluorescent or the LED batten that presents to half thickness but nearly twice the light output. Prismatic LED Fitting is perfect for applications with more mounting heights or stylish environment. Our enthusiasm is to please our wholesalers and end clients that can be accomplished with the most recent LED innovation merchandise. Intended to retrofit existing fluorescent 2 ft, 4ft, 5ft and 6ft fittings, SonicaLED.com empowers close impeccable light consistency products to the market.

While selecting our LED Tubes, we found quality LED weatherproof / waterproof fittings supplied with LED tubes inclusive which guaranteed that outputs the smoothest light distribution. This not just gives better beam angle over the environment, additionally upgrades brightness of the fitting. This additional is manufactured with cutting edge technology providing durable and consistent quality. Check out extensive range.