RGB LED Strip Light now only £19.99 


LED Strip Lighting is the most flexible lighting solution. You can it bend around corners and it can also be cut to length. Many SONICA LED customers have purchased these RGB LED Strip Light to cover the distance of around the ceiling, shelving, cabinets, decking, and for many retail stores.  



5 meter roll of led strip lighting + power supply + remote

Product benefits

  • LED strip is a low voltage flexible length in 12V
  • Flexible & simple installation
  • Very low power consumption
  • Multiple visual effects in unending colours and shades
  • Available in different color range in RGB
  • IP20 Rating options

 Pack Includes 

  • 5 meter RGB Led Strip Light Kits
  • 1 x 5 meter LED Strip Light 
  • 1 x Power Supply (transformer)
  • 1 x Remote Controller 
  • 1 x Connector



LED Strip Light Kits are designed to take the hassle out of your Strip Light shopping, they’re often cheaper than buying individual parts, too! Kits contain everything you need to get up and running, including any necessary plugs, connectors, and controllers.

Kits are perfect for most installations, however, often a custom kit is necessary – read on to discover how to create your own custom kit.

Strip light consists of a very narrow length of flexible circuit board with tiny mounted LED. Current is fed through the circuit board from one side which powers the LED to illuminate brightly. The circuit board is fixed and it can be cut every three LEDs roughly around every 2cm therefore making it simple to customise it to any length you require. Our LED strip lights are coated with a 3M adhesive on the back so it can be placed quick and simple.

The power supply (transformer) will plug directly into the Strip Lights. The power supply is then plugged or wired into the mains electricity. It’s the power supply’s convert the mains voltage down to 12V. We recommend for improved appearance to wire a power supply directly to a switch. This can then easily hiding the power supply away from sight. Our RGB LED kit will include a advanced remote control (24keys) which will include 16 varieties of colours and many flashing options. They can also be dimmed. The dimmer companion is connected between the transformer and the strip lighting and can also be used to turn on / off.


Diagram showing how to install Led Strip Light


How to install led stip light