After an extensive research on many products form various manufactures, we improved our selection of reliable LED Flood Lights which is commonly used to illuminate large areas. We at SONICA have constantly upgrading to supply the perfect models available for our customers. Now in 2018, the concept of the fixture has developed vast by toughening it up to such an extent that it is backed up with up to 5 year warranty, and are available at reasonable price. Introducing our endless range starting from 10W to 1000W making them useful for customers for different applications (800 lumens all the way up to 80,000 lumens) and can be either purchased in cool white, day white or warm white.

All our fixtures consume around 80% less power compared to halogen lighting. These are available now at a much cheaper price than the traditional lights and also cut down maintenance with their long lifespan of 30,000 life hours compared to Halogen lighting, which only last for around 3,000 hours.

LED Flood lights are a bright light output, high-intensity lights. This lighting option are commonly used in many vicinity where lighting is considered as a fundamental safety precaution. You can save as much as 80% on electricity costs by using an LED. Our range consume less amount of electricity than other lights, and are ideal for car parking areas, warehouse, or even your garden. Our extensive range are all strong, durable, long lasting and very slim. With the new design being driver-less, this reduces the thickness making them more attractive compared to the old bulky look. PIR sensors version are a great security lights as it detect infrared wavelengths that are produced when a source of heat passes the direction of the sensor which triggers the light to turn on. All our floods still remain stable even in the harshest conditional, with an aluminium body and full sealed to IP65 rating this makes it more ideal to buy yours direcetly from