From the beginning, SONICA LED was offering LED Panels at market-leading prices. Having sold over a hundred thousand of pieces within a short period of time, with a small Return Rate of less than 0.9%. LED Panel Lights was promoted in the markets not long ago but the retail price was too high. We have always wanted to develop LED lighting products that gave the greatest output of light with the ability of reducing power consumption, but mainly with the aim of selling products at a moderate price.

Fluorescent tube lights have always been used in areas where lighting is a necessity. However, over the recent number of years LED Panels provide a substitute for these traditional lights which are more suitable for office and commercial applications. Due to the products being in high demand, it has encouraged us to increase our LED Panel range. We currently now have 10 models which come in different sizes, including, 600x600, 1200x600, 1200x300 and many more. They all have a contemporary and elegant design with a high light transmission rate and can be dimmed by using a dimmable LED Driver, available here at SONICA LED. We have received 99% positive feedback, with reviews complimenting the fast delivery, so getting the product to you as quickly as possible is no problem.

Our standard 45W LED panels in 600 x 600 is a perfect swap for a 150W fluorescent lighting and most commonly used in the UK. Using the latest LED technology our products delivers a brighter light with a lot less energy. It is also environmentally friendly as they have no lead or mercury content. We offer a selection of colours that are suitable for your application, for example with the 45W LED panels is available in the 2 colours (Day white or Cool White). LED panels can save over 80% electric cost. SONICA LED'S panels consuming less power and saving more in the long run. We highly assure you that these panels will lower the electricity bills compared to using fluorescent tube lighting.All our panels come with a minimum of two-year warranty, therefore being long lasting in high quality.