Integrated LEDs in panels have been providing very popular over the recent number of years. Slim design and high-quality lighting with minimal energy cost for for many business such as, retail stores, schools, supermarkets and offices. LED panel Lights are ideal replacement for standard fluorescent fixtures in suspended ceilings. High quality LED chips have a even and smooth light distribution, with a long lifetime. Replacingcing your old fluorescent lighting can reduce maintenance and most important reduce energy consumption by up to 80%. The most popular dimensions in the UK are 600 x 600 mm or 1200 x 600 mm. Additional features can be added for example if you would like to dim your panel to save extra energy costs, dimmable LED Drivers can be purchased.

Ultra slim LED Panel Lights are available in three different light colors (temperatures):

* Warm White Colour (3000 Kelvin)
* Day White Colour (4000 Kelvin)
* Cool White Colour (6400 Kelvin)

Ways of installing a LED panel Light on a ceiling?

The installation of LED panels can be fitting in 3 easy ways:

* Suspended Ceiling
In a suspended ceiling you can replace your old fluorescent fixture with a new LED panel light or any empty space. Simply remove the ceiling tile or your old fluorescent fixture, place your LED panel and simply connect your LED Driver two wires to the mains. All our panels lighting comes with a LED driver free of charge. The transformer has a simple push and twist connection with is attached to your Led Panel Light.

* Mounting Frame kit
Additional brackets can be purchased which can help to mount your light onto the ceiling or against a wall. This mounting kit has an aluminium durable body, and is available in White or Sliver surface. With a descent 5cm height and weighing less than 0.5 kg, there is plenty of room for the LED driver or an Emergency driver. These can be purchased as little as £11.99.

* Hanging Suspension Kit
 This simple suspension set can be purchased as little as £4.99 and can be used for any size panels. Counting a kit with cables to hang on the ceiling this makes installing very simple and flexible to determine the ideal height of your light output.

LED panel Light can be applied in many various indoor applications. 600 X 600 Led panel Lights are now available in 45W. These are great replacement for 210W Fluorescent fixtures. Available in 3 different colours, and up to 5 years warranty is and can last up to 50,000 life hours.

Selcection of Panel lights from Sonica led