Energy bills have increased over the number of years, and this is a great concern for many businesses. With technology constantly developing LED Lighting can help you meet massive reduction compared to traditional lights making it the most ideal choice to replace economically reasons. 


Energy efficient LED Lighting Option 

Metal Halide High bay light fittings consume vast amount of power and can be very costly. The highly energy efficient way to replace this fixture would be to switching to LED High Bay lighting. The SONICA LED replacement options are designed for factories, supermarkets, industrial units, gyms, warehouse and many more. This will instantly reduce power consumption which will result in savings in energy bills. This can easily be compared. A 100W LED fixture will replace your 250W high bay fixture this is where you can enjoy up to 70% reductions in energy consumptions. With high lumens and evenly distributed light output, LED low bay and high bay can light up commercial and industrial areas with greater savings and better light colour. To make a perfect atmosphere in your business, SONICA LED offers two main colours. Most popular would be the White light option (6400k) Colour temperature which will give you a bright vibe in your surrounding or choose from Day White (4500k). 



Longer life LED Lighting means low maintenance costs

LEDs have an incredible average expected lifespan of 30,000 – 50,000 light hours. Using high performance and components such as meanwell driver with Samsung SMD led chips we even guarantee your product from 2 – 5 year warranty. This is a massive difference compared to the old traditional lighting options. This brings extra savings in cost as replacement will occur far less compared to other forms of lighting.