Led lights have dominated the recent markets over recent number of years and as the led technology expands, more and more people are appreciating the great benefits of LED lighting that's replacing the old fluorescent tubes. 


One advantage of using LEDs is that it's cost-effective; you will be able to not only save money but also will not have to replace again after average of 30,000 hrs light hours.  This is important as homes and businesses can save energy costs by up to 80%.


LED lights have a real impact on the environment and are energy efficient. About 21% of all power consumed by commercial sectors is used for lighting and a significant amount of lighting is being released by fluorescent light fittings, switching to LED would cut this energy usage significantly. These thermoplastic tubes are made from non-toxic materials, unlike fluorescent lighting that uses mercury that harm the environment, making them more Eco-efficient by reducing greenhouse gases also making it non-shatterable.


LED tube Light work in most temperatures and are able to withstand vibration, shock and extreme temperature. Unlike the fluorescent lighting which can on occasion not light up if the temperature is too low. Fluorescent will begin to buzz and flicker often nearer the end of their life time which is something that LEDs do not do. Improved safety may also be their most important benefit as no heat is released and thus reduces the potential for fire cases.


At SONICA LED we offer a range of T8 LED tube (G13) with frosted coatings that provide 180° light output. They are available in Warm White (3000k), Day White (4500k) and the most popular Cool White (6000k). Various lengths are available, choose from either 2ft, 3ft, 4ft, 5ft, 6ft and stock 8ft occasionally. LED Batten fittings or IP65 Weatherproof fittings can also be purchased with our LED Lamps. 


LED's are rapidly becoming the preferred lighting solution and overall have a better quality of light distribution. As the growing demand of these lights continue to escalate, more people will be able save their money and make a difference to the planet.