Commercial LED Lighting

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Commercial LED Lighting from SONICA

Sonica Led supplies a vast range of commercial and industrial LED lighting. With a durable and reliable products, supplied by top brands, Sonica rnge of product guarantees to offering excellent energy saving cost. Our products are hand chosen and can outline high quality LED's for any arrangement. Sonica have a long history of assembling items for special conditions and can distributed all throughout the UK and Worldwide.

Sonica have an extensive variety of Commercial and Industrial Led lighting Products running from LED Panel Lights for offices and High bays for warehouses. Decrease your energy consumption and reduce your carbon footprint by switching to LED Lighting. Replace your light fittings in your business premises, shop or workplaces with low-cost to run LED Tubes Lights or LED Panels. The advantage of replacing standard lighting to commercial LED lighting drastically reduces energy cost by up to 80% on your energy bills. 


Reasons why to switch NOW

1. Rising Energy Costs- With energy prices may go up in the long haul, now it is a great time to switch.

2. Upgraded LED technology- LED lighting has many advantages over standard lighting because of the lower energy consumption, much longer lifetime, choice of colour temperatures and sharper switching abilities.

3. Save On Energy Bills- Consumption of energy reduced by up to 80% compared to standard bulbs, this will have a change on your energy bills

4. Reducing LED Lighting Price- With our competitive pricing we are able to match majority of businesses in the UK.

5. Low Maintenance Cost: LED have a longer lifespan around 50,000 hours compared to 1,200 of an incandescent lighting. This means they will need replacing a lot less often and therefore reduces maintenance cost.

6. Option Of Colour- Majority of our commercial LED lighting products are available in 3 choice of colour temperatures depending on your environment. 


Buy with SONICA today

With fast deliver service, 30 day return guarantee and up to 5 years’ warranty, you’re buying quality when you buy SONICA. If you have any questions about our Commercial LED Lighting, then please don’t hesitate to get in contact. As a market leader in LED, we are more than happy to help