What does LED stand for?

Lighting-emitting diode.

What is Watts/Wattage?

Wattage measure how much power a lamp is being used.

What is Lumen?

Lumens is the amount of light emitted. More the Lumen the brighter the object is emitting.

What is colour temperature?

Unlike halogen bulbs LED bulbs offer different types of colours. The lower the temperature the warmer the light for example the halogen bulbs. On the other hand, higher the temperature the more similar it appears to natural daylight colour. We offer our LED Products in different colours (temperature).

3000-3500K Warm White

4000-4500K Nature White

6000K-6400K Cool White

I want a white colour lamp, which one would you reccomend?

We would advise you to order the Cool White temperature (6000k-6400k)

How much will LED save?

This can vary depending on the product, but will be average of 50%.

How often will I have to replace my LED bulb?

Our LED Bulbs will last around 25000 hours.

How should I install a led tube?

Our LED Tubes comes with a LED Starter. Remove existing one and replace with the new LED Starter.

Can I replace my Dimmable Halogen bulbs with led?

Yes you may, however you will have to replace your light switch with a LED compatiable Dimmer switch.

Are the LED Strip Light cuttable?

Our Plug and Play led strip lights are cuttable every 2cm sections.

Can I use the LED Strip light for my car, caravan or boat?

Yes you can, majority of our strip lights are 12V DC.

What is an IP rating?

An expression used to define a level of sealing of an electrical product.

Who invented the light bulb?

In 1879, Edison patented the first successful bulb.

Do LED contain mercurcy?

Many studys can support LEDs have a much smaller environment impact compared to fluorescent lights. LEDs contain no mercury substance.

Can I collect my items from the warehouse?

An expression used to define a level of sealing of an electrical product.

How long will my order take?

Most cases, orders in the UK will normally take 1-2 working day if purchased before 1pm. If orders purchased in the EU, delivery will take around 3-6 days.

Does our products have warranty?

Yes our products have between 2-5 years warranty. This information will be could on the specification on the product page. Warranty will start form the date of purchase.

If you require any assistance please feel free to call our team on +44 (0) 1482 323 861