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LED Bulbs

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LED lighting is the modern technology with more than 80 - 90% energy effective than halogen and enduring up to 10 times longer than standard lights. LED lights is the remarkable answer for all residential and commercial lighting applications. At SonicaLED.com we are pleased to have the capacity and products to distribute items at the absolute best costs online or in store.

We are focused on presenting the absolute best in LED bulbs and offering extensive variety of items for homes, workplaces, distribution centre and many more areas. LED have a long lasting life some ranging up to 50,000 hours and whilst never reducing in quality. 

As we drive to be a leading led supplier, we pride ourselves to offer absolute best lighting alternatives from the best brands available. Our close relation with many manufactures means that you will rarely find faults, recieve marlet leading price. We offer a range of LED bulbs such as B22, E27, E14, B15, R63, R80R39, R50 and Filament bulbs. With a vast range of stock at costs that can't be beaten, switching to LED would be ideal.

Below are many reasons why LED lighting is embarked to be a change for you:

1. They require less energy to power, LEDs will reduce energy costs.

2. Compared to standard bulbs, LED lights will save you around 80% of electrical power.

3. They contain no unsafe solids, fluids or gasses, which can reduce environmenal impact to the earth.

4. Majority of Sonica LEDs are available in 3 colour shades. 

5. Since they deliver a cooler light, LEDs can be perfect for plant development.

6. LED Lights are accessible in various colours and shades that can characterise the style and setting.

7. There are no powerful releases that can detrimentally affect the eyes.

8. LEDs have no UV light, reduce skin harm.

9. Simple to install.

10. LEDs will not flicker.

11. Some of our LED are available in dimmable option.

12. LEDs do not attract flies or bugs.

13. Sonica products a very affordable and competitive.

14. They save your cash on your power bills.

15. Our products can last up to 50,000 hours

16. Last 10 times longer than standard bulbs.

17. Can pay it self back within 1-2 years.

18. Instant switch on / off.

19. LED are completely operational in a wide range of climate conditions.

20. They contain no harmful products like lead or mercury.

21. They are recyclable.

22. LEDs do not discharge Radio Frequency.

23. They are lightweight

24. LED do not heat up as much compared to standard bulbs

25. LED will need less maintenance compared to halogen.

26. Our LEDs accompany with up to five-year guarantee – contrasted with a one-year guarantee of standard lights.


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With fast delivery service, 30 day return guarantee and up to 5 years warranty, you are buying quality when you purchase SONICA LED BULBS. If you have any questions about our Bulbs, then please don’t hesitate to get in contact.