LED Floodlight

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LED Floodlights have been an important security choice for both domestic and business properties for a long time. Additionally they have numerous usage throughout the world from lighting car parks to enlightening signage on shops. Floodlights are usually placed on front of structures and in open spaces to illuminate an area. This should enhance viability and to advance security. Flood lighting can be utilised for household and business for many purposes. LED floodlight makes a vast light emission which can light up constantly or using a PIR sensor to impediment potential criminals or trespassers on private land, for that additional security. These are intended to be powerful and with built in power supply making them ultra slim.

We have an immense selection of durable and reliable LED floodlights, ranging from 10W  to 100W choices at a competitive price. These are also available in different colour temperatures with all having an impressive life expectancy. By replacing standard bulb you can reduce your energy costs and in addition do your part for the environment. With durable and solid floodlights by Sonica you are ensured to get your moneys worth.

These lights have several benefits to offer comparing to halogen lights or others. 

1) Long Lasting Life- LED Floodlights are very long lasting, nearly 20 times more than standard incandescent, halogen or CFL. They have an fabulous lifespan of 20,000 hours which means once installed, you do not have to worry about replacing them for a very long time. 

2) Energy Efficient- You can save on average 80% on your electrical cost. 

3) Environment Friendly- No mercury and Reduces carbon foot print.


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