LED Spot Lights

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There are avaialble in many versions ranging from 2.5W to 8W with instant brightness. The GU10 is a popular Spotlight found in many environments such as homes and businesses. They are available from only £0.99! The beauty of the LED is that it uses so much less energy in comparison to halogen. In fact it uses around 80% less electricity, making it the ideal choice for energy savings. Here at SONICA, we have a wide range of spotlights such as GU10, MR16, MR11, G4, G9 and AR111. They are available in a warm white, day white and cool white. All with various lumens and a dimmable options which will help you provide a smooth and even distribution of light to any enviroment. As well as the LED Spotlight, we also have the suitable Fire Rated LED Downlight fittings available too. Browse the range today.


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With fast deliver service, 30 day return guarantee and up to 5 years’ warranty, you’re buying quality when you buy SONICA LED Spotlights. If you have any questions about our Spotlights, then please don’t hesitate to get in contact. As a market leader in LED bulbs we are more than happy to help